Portfolios update

There as been quite some time since the last update, I don’t have much free time these days and I’d rather spend it improving the trading systems! In any case here is a short summary of recent changes:

  • The trend portfolios received a bit of work in order to improve the stop loss rules and other entry/exit strategies
  • The Current Positions page has received a nice improvement where you can now click on the performance column to see a performance graph of the time period here is a screenshot to show you what I mean:  perfexampleAs far as what I’m working on next:
  • Keep on improving the trading systems
  • Write a mobile app to monitor the portfolios and stock picks
  • Add more portfolios, such as trend jumbo (20 positions) and dividend oriented portfolios.

I’m not sure what  I will have time to do in 2015 but this short list should keep me busy! As always please let me know if you have suggestions for the site and/or trading systems, I’m always willing to explore new ideas!



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