Portfolios review after first “live” month!

It’s been a month already since the start of the daily portfolio posts, moving from back-testing to real-time has been quite a challenge, a few unexpected issues and some  bugs have been fixed in the trading system algorithms, and even more radical updates are coming  for the algorithms soon. But let’s take the first month to look back and see how the portfolios did.

US Portfolios:

  • US Swing Portfolio: +15.88%, biggest winner: DRYS +18.66%, biggest Looser: AVNR -10.64%
  • US Trend Portfolio: +6.73%
  • SPY: +3.5%


Canadian Portfolios

  • CAD Swing Portfolio: +0.14%
  • CAD Trend Portfolio: +2.7%
  • XIU.TO: +1.04%

Even if it’s too early to do evaluate these portfolios, I’m satisfied with the US portfolios performance but the CAD ones need a bit more work even if it did not loose any money the CAD Swing Portfolio should be able to beat XIU.TO most months, stay tuned for significant improvments in that area. And finally you can always look at  all the trades done for each portfolios by looking at the portfolios page.


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