Welcome to StockMarketsVane.com!

Hello and welcome to StockMarketsVane.com, this blog is dedicated to the study of mechanical trading systems and technical analysis of stock markets. One of the main feature of this blog are posts with the marketsvane category.

These posts will be auto-generated by a proprietary application that runs at the end of every market day and provide you with a general market direction (short term and long term) and a status of the 4 portfolios currently being maintained.

All of this is provided for free in the hopes that the advertisements will be enough to break even the costs of running the web site.  A premium mailing list service might be added later on with additional stock plays based on newly developed trading systems.

Please remember that trading is a risky undertaking and you should do your homework before buying any security based on any stock picks you get from anyone! Seeking the help of a financial adviser is strongly recommended.



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