Portfolio changes and more!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past weeks, I have been busy. I am in the process of updating the site for some portfolio changes!

The Canadian version of the All Weather Portfolio is being deprecated. Leveraged canadian ETFs have very low volume and I get better results with 3x ETFs which seem to be non-existent in the canadian market.

The US All Weather Portfolio is getting a total makeover, it is now a high risk / reward experimental portfolio with fluctuating position sizing in order to maximize returns.

I have also stopped trading a few leveraged ETFs like Oil and Gas as I couldn’t get the edges I saw in other ETFs such as SPY, you can see the new list of leveraged ETFs traded in the US All Weather  on the Portfolios page.

I am also introducing a new stock picks section which should provide daily interesting trade ideas.

Expect the changes to appear tonight when the current positions page gets updated.

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