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This page is for keeping track of books about investing and finance I’ve read in a somewhat chronological order followed by a one line review.



Very basic, if you know nothing about finance and investing it might be a good start but you shouldn’t start investing after reading only that book.
I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it does not explore all facets of technical analysis but it gives a great overview and some great bases to start with, good first book.
I liked this book when I first read it, the “mind” part is good, the “keep a log of what you do” part is great, but I never back-tested successfully the Elder Impulse System described in the book, it’s not meant to be used as a trade system but a good discretionary trader might find it useful.
Very good book about technical analysis and trading in general, reading it more than once is recommended. I also visit the author’s blog frequently: Afraid To Trade
General book about finance for the personal investors. Meh…
Good book on option strategies, I did not spend much time looking at Options but I might revisit it eventually.

Very good book about general finance, risk management, portfolios and good explanation of many investment vehicles.

Funny, mathematically heavy book about a retired prof trying to make money in the stock market, the book is actually a bunch of his blog posts put together.
Very good book, strategies that I was able to test on a wide variety of securities with very good results.
99 cents ebook about another high probability strategy that works.

This book contains a few interesting ways of extracting data from the stock market to get an edge but it was not very useful to me personally.

Great book for people interested in building solid trend following trading systems. Also some insight about how big portfolio managers work.

Interesting concepts of market cycles backed by historical data, you can look at the managed ETF DBIZ based on this work.

Very interesting book written a long time ago that shows that things don’t change much. Get the annotated version or you might miss on a lot of historical references.
I did not enjoy nor get anything out of this one.
Easy read, interesting strategy mixing fundamental and technical analysis. I liked this one better than the original O’Neil book.

The disciple book provided clearer strategies and chart reading tips, and less advertisements for IBD.
Very interesting book about building trading systems (What I like to do!) and analyzing their results, I will need to re-read it.
The Playbook was very fun to read, it tells the stories of a few traders at SMB, how they trade and how they get better, I ended up learning a lot about trading just by reading their well written stories.

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