Stock Picks

A daily list of stocks matching SMV's 1-5 Days Swing Trading System.

PYPL (PayPal Holdings Inc.)
109.85 -0.05(-0.04%)
HLT (Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.)
89.91 -0.75(-0.82%)
AER (AerCap Holdings N.V.)
46.92 -0.23(-0.48%)
CVNA (Carvana Co. Class A)
59.39 -3.89(-6.14%)
ZAYO (Zayo Group Holdings Inc.)
32.62 0.00(0.00%)
HSIC (Henry Schein Inc.)
67.02 -0.65(-0.96%)
NSC (Norfolk Southern Corporation)
199.27 -0.68(-0.34%)
OLED (Universal Display Corporation)
150.26 -0.11(-0.07%)
AQ (Aquantia Corp.)
13.00 -0.05(-0.38%)
CSX (CSX Corporation)
74.90 -0.48(-0.63%)

Selected stocks have a high probability to increase in a 1 to 5 days time horizon. The performance below is based on a random selection of the stock picks on this page at end of day (10 max at a time, 10% allocation each) following these sell rule: Sell if RSI(2) value is at or above 85 OR Sell if position held for more than 14 days.